The Prayer Project

There will be many prayer needs over the next few weeks and we at The Brook believe in the power of prayer. Post your prayer requests and/or let someone know you prayed for them by clicking "I prayed for this". If you have a private prayer request, click "Do Not Share This" from the dropdown menu below. Private prayer requests will only be seen by our prayer team and will not be posted online. Our Prayer Team members have committed to pray for each of these requests and respond as needed.

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Mike Ayers

Please pray for Shabir. He is the manager of a Smoothie King that I go to periodically and we have built a relationship over at least a year. I have prayed for him and his openness. He knows I'm a pastor and I have invited him to church and shared some of my faith story with him. He is a non-practicing Muslim. I just had a very good conversation with him. His business is really suffering due to COVID. He is working night and day himself after laying off the other employees. He said most days its 7AM to 9/9:30 at night. I told him our church would pray for him and his business, and I tried to encourage him. We also talked more about faith. We discussed the difference between our faiths and he asked more questions this time than ever (meaning of Communion, who Jesus was, etc.). Please pray that God would work. Since I told him we would pray, I think it would be so amazing for God to reveal himself in some clear way in his business struggles... if God in His grace would provide relief in some way and Shabir would know it was from our prayer, that would be amazing. However, God wants to work! Pray for Shabir to come to faith in Jesus and that I'll be a good witness. Thank you.

Received: August 29, 2020